Russian nesting dolls

Russian Nesting Dolls

These nesting dolls are also known as Matryoshka and Babushka dolls

These are Authentic Russian nesting dolls, hand made in the Russian town of Belarus. These nesting dolls were first painted in this town when the turner with his artist wife came to the Belarussian city from Moscow in 1917. Each doll is signed by the artist underneath the largest of the dolls in each set.

The Russian nesting doll is one of Russia's most well known national souvenirs it is also refered to as Matryoshka (derived from the female name Matryona and also Matushka, the Russian word for mother) and babushka (the russian word for a grandmother). Each set is handmade with excellent precision and beauty, everyone is unique as they are all painted by hand, please note and be aware that any imperfections are a part of the beauty of being handmade, only machine made items can be flawless as they are not unique but rather mass produced.

These beautiful dolls nest inside one another and are representative of femininity, love, motherhood and fertility. They  really are a work of art that carry the spirit of time be it the present or the past. I have a 10 piece set on display at my home and each time I look at them they remind me of all the generations of wonderful women in my family. My grandmother,mother,myself and my two little ladies. I am also reminded of the amazing experiences we have shared with one another, and how each generation has shaped the one that followed.

These are beautiful gifts especially on occassions like mothers day, the birth of a child or a housewarming gift. These sets of dolls are for display purposes only, they are not suitable for children due to small parts that may be a choking hazard. These dolls make a beautiful display upon a bookself, in a display cabinet or standing shelf.


Vintage 10 piece nesting doll

Tallest doll stands at 10" high

Russian 10 piece nesting doll

Tallest doll stands at 10" high