Accuquilt fabric die cutters

The AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter enables quilters and applique sewers to cut more accurately while finishing their cutting in 10% of the time of traditional cutting methods like rotary or scissors.

  • Because quilters do not need to expend a lot of effort while cutting, AccuQuilt GO! is easier to use.
  • Because there are no blades that come near quilters’ fingers, GO! is safer for quilters and sewers.
  • AccuQuilt GO! allows you to cut up to six layers of fabric at once with no measuring or math.
  • GO! reduces repetitive stress injuries because quilters spend a fraction of the time on cutting, and they do not have to press as hard to cut.
  • Because it’s so easy to cut with GO!, many who had stopped quilting because of physical issues or age are now able to resume the art form they love.


    We can order any of the current accuquilt dies in for you.

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    Go Feathers

    Go feathers is suitable for both the Go and the Go baby. AQ55008 Feathers never go out of style. From sedate neutrals to bright pops of color, feather shapes add flair to your quilting projects. The GO! Feathers die perfectly cuts both straight and curved feathers even through multiple layers of fabric. Ideal for applique elements, simply apply fusible web to the wrong side of the fabric before cutting to make applique-ready designs straight from the cutter. This die comes complete with detailed instructions on how to make Feathers To GO! table runner. Stylish!

    Accuquilt Go Circles

    Accuquilt Go Circles fits both the Go and Go baby. Using a rotary cutter or scissors to cut out circles is a trick -- you know how hard it is to cut this basic shape accurately. The AccuQuilt GO! Circle die makes it a breeze. This die cuts three sizes of perfect circles lickety split. Great for popular yo-yo projects and raw edge bull's-eye concentric circle quilt designs. Plus now polka dots, flower centers, large buttons, large eyes and apples and oranges are a snap.

    Accuquilt Go Hearts

    Go feathers is suitable for both the Go and the Go baby. AQ55029 You know how hard it can be to make a perfect heart shape, but they make such fun quilting projects! The GO! Heart die lets you cuts three sizes of hearts quickly and perfectly every single time. Now you can make that pretty heart quilt, or ornaments, gift tags and more. It even comes with easy-to-follow instructions on making a GO! Trailing Hearts appliqued shirt. Quilt to your heart's desire!

    Accuquilt Go Hexagon

    Accuquilt Hexagon is suitable for both the Go and Go baby. AQ55011. Traditional hexagon quilts like Grandmother's Flower Garden are absolutely beautiful, but it takes a whole lot of hexagons to make one quilt and just thinking about cutting all those shapes out can make your wrists ache. The AccuQuilt GO! Hexagon die cuts perfect shapes quickly, every time. This die cuts three sizes of hexagon from multiple layers of fabric. Try them on a variety of fabrics and let your imagination roam!

    Accuquilt Go Star

    Accuquilt Go Star fits into both the Go and go baby 55028. Every quilter loves a five-pointed star quilt, probably because they can appreciate the hard work that went into cutting that shape accurately. The AccuQuilt GO! Star die cut makes it easy! This die cuts three sizes of stars so fast and effortlessly, you'll be making flag stars, patriotic quilts and holiday projects in no time. You'll be a star quilter, so to speak.

    Accuquilt Go Birds

    Accuquilt Go Birds fits into both the Go and Go baby. Put a bird on it! Make any project a little more fun and whimsical with this collection of cute birds. The GO! Birds die features sharp yet ultra-safe blades that precisely cut three different birds and two wing styles. Birds are a favorite applique motif for quilters. You'll love adding them to clothing, gift tags, home decor and more. Want to make a quick applique? Simply apply fusible web to the wrong side of fabrics prior to cutting for quick and you're set!

    Accuquilt Go Clamshell 8"finished

    Accququilt Numbers fits only on the Accuquilt Go. Carefree Numbers Set. This die cut kit is a fun way to personalize any project. It features numbers from 0 to 9 in the Carefree font. A great use for scraps or stash fabric, you're going to love how precisely and quickly you can cut each number. Make a quick applique by simply applying fusible web to the wrong side of fabric then cut with this die. Looks just like the old-school fridge magnets!

    Accuquilt Go Alphabet

    The GO! Carefree Alphabet Set which only fits on the GO,looks just like those old-school refrigerator magnets. What a fun way personalize any project! Using the Carefree font, this die cuts one each of the 26 letters in the English alphabet. A perfect use for scraps or stash fabric, you'll find yourself embellishing anything that won't run away. Make a quick applique by applying fusible web to the wrong side of fabric then cut with this die. You'll love how perfectly each letter is cut!

    Accuquilt Go critters

    Make adorable fabric projects big and small with the GO! Critters die. This die perfectly cuts a dragonfly, bee and butterfly for versatile baby cuteness!

    Apply fusible web to the wrong side of the fabric before cutting to have applique-ready shapes for holiday projects, table favors or gift tags.

    Accuquilt Go Cupcakes

    Make any time dessert time with this adorable cupcake die. Mix and match the die’s two cupcake tops with multiple-fabric bottoms to create very sweet quilts. Perfect for baby and wedding gifts, appliqué quilts, home décor and so much more!