Husqvarna accessories

Husqvarna sewing accessories

You can now purchase all of your Husqvarna accessories through Eco fabrics your local Husqvarna dealer. If there are any accessories that you require you do not see on our website please email us at and we will get them in for you.


Husqvarna ankle

Suitable for low shanks machines. This ankle allows lots of our Singer, Janome,Brother,Elna and other machine owners to pop this ankle on their machine and then have the ability to use the huge range of Husqvarna feet on the market.

Clear 1/4 edge piecing foot with guide

Part no.H4129274-45- This foot is perfect for quilters who needs a guide to determine the exact amount of differece between stitches. It is also clear which is fantastic as you can see what is happening underneath the foot.

Adjustable bias binding foot

Part No.H4129850-45. Have you ever wondered how store purchased clothes with bias binding on them, always  look so perfectly straight whilst still so close to the edge. Well this is how they get it so perfect, with a bias binding foot. 

Once the fabric and bias are fed through tthe chanel, neither the fabric or bias binding move. Gone are the days of the bias binding slipping out as soon as you unpin it, which can be so frustrating and almost impossible to keep perfectly straight. 

The foot chanel is also adjustable to suit various widths of bias binding, you just set it to how wide you would like it to be.

Join and fold edging foot

Part no. H4132488-45. This foot does several things at once. It joins and edges two different fabrics all at the same time, and can do a decorative stitch at the same time if selected.
husqvarna felled foot 9mm

Flat felled 9mm foot

Part No. H4131855-45
husqvarna clear piping foot

Husqvarna piping foot

Part no.4130971-45. This foot has a fabulous chanel underneath that allows to piping to sit inside and gets the needle right up to the edge of the piping making it look seamless.

Husqvarna non stick Glide H foot

This foot is what you need if you are sewing on Laminate, leather, vynal, oilcloth and any other fabric where the foot needs to glide. Part no. H4127961-45